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Beauty Center

Beauty Center Guinot e Rhea Cosmetics

Our Beauty Center benefits from the experience of valuable professionals in the field and the quality of products from two prestigious, internationally acclaimed cosmetic houses: Guinot, a leading French company for facial and décolleté treatments, and Rhea Cosmetics, with a new esthetician, Dermotecnologa®, capable of personalizing each treatment. Enjoy the result of a radiant, fresher face or a smoother body.

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    Guinot Facial Treatments
    More than 50 years of experience in facial beauty treatments

    GUINOT has established itself as a leading brand by creating cutting-edge treatment methodologies. Committed to revealing the beauty in every woman, GUINOT has developed exclusive and innovative treatments, winning over all women who desire the best for their beauty. Over the years, GUINOT has distinguished itself through the effectiveness of its treatments and products.

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    High-end Makeup
    Create your look with Sumita

    Sumita is an exclusive brand for eye and brow beauty, every woman's new best friend. A stylish collection of products that combines high-performance pigments with long-lasting wear-a true high-end makeup experience. We are waiting for you in our Beauty Center to create your new look!

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    Rhea Cosmetics Body Treatments
    For the beauty and well-being of the body

    Rhea becomes the tailor-made dress for your skin, an exclusive coding of cosmetic actions that make you the protagonist of the personalized experiential treatment, able to involve mind and body in a process of deep regeneration. A new, high-performance pathway that begins with an aesthetic consultation designed to analyze each individual blemish, and treat it with specific protocols. Let yourself be enveloped in an aesthetic treatment that relaxes the mind, and gives face and body immediately visible results.