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Our Wellness Beauty and Relaxation center in Moena, in Val di Fassa, is designed to offer a wellness path inspired by Roman baths, made with fine natural materials according to state-of-the-art technology, and run with strict criteria of maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

An assistant is always present in the center, whose task is to supervise compliance with the hygiene regulations, and to provide instructions and advice on how to make the best use of the facility and equipment.

The wellness center is completely disinfected every day with a special antibacterial and antifungal product certified by the Ministry of Health as per the new Covid-19 regulations.

Access to the Wellness is allowed from the age of 16. Children of all ages may enter the pool accompanied by a family member (Wellness set for them as well).

The use of a bathing suit is mandatory.

Maximum safety and hygiene

We have designed the "Wellness Tour" route for you, lasting about 50 minutes. A bathing suit is compulsory in the Wellness area, but those who prefer not to use it can request the special natural sponge sarongs. Reservations are required for access to the center to avoid crowds and offer Guests a moment of pure pleasure in complete relaxation and safety.

In order to better meet the needs of our Guests, we have extended the opening hours: the time per entrance will be 50 minutes and the number of entrances will be agreed at the time of booking according to the length of stay.

Dry bath 80-110 °C

The Finnish sauna at our wellness hotel in Trentino, in the Fassa Dolomites, is a true panacea. To counteract the high temperature, the body triggers a thermoregulation process that causes intense sweating, promoting the opening of skin pores and the elimination of toxins, with cardiovascular and muscular benefits. The sauna's dry climate is also indicated for chronic rheumatism and arthritis, but especially for stimulating the immune system by preventing inflammation, flu and colds.

45-48°C 98% humidity, benches 39°C unheated insulated walls

The presence of hot steam promotes skin pH regulation, hydration and cleansing. This bath is also indicated for improving respiratory function. The addition of natural essences, inhaled through the steam, makes for a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath. The recommended stay is 15 to 20 minutes, with the possibility of repeating the cycle two or three times, interspersing it with 15 minutes of relaxation.

65° C (benches 39° C, walls 85° C)

After about 10 to 15 minutes, intense sweating begins, allowing toxins to be eliminated. Thanks to natural heat transfer, this treatment helps prevent and relieve countless ailments, especially those affecting the digestive system: liver, intestines, pancreas and stomach. Laconicum also relieves migraine, rheumatic and menstrual pain. This bath is suitable for people of all ages, and the recommended dwell time is about 35 minutes.

Environment with loungers heated to 39°C.

In this environment, uniform heat transmission on the heated marble loungers artificially creates a localized febrile state on the part of the body in contact, leading to a natural increase in metabolization of excess fat.

Room and cold bath 5-10 °C

After sauna or steam bath, it is ideal for stimulating blood circulation, equipped with ice waterfall and fjord shower.